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Castela's server features

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    Castela's server features

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    Version: 83

    Classes available: Adventurers only. Cygnus and Aran have been disabled for now, but may be brought in at a later point with revamped skills.

    Stable source: You'll be able to boss/party without disconnecting, unlike many other servers.

    Multi-client enabled

    Party quests working: HPQ, KPQ, LPQ, LMPQ, CPQ, CPQ2, EPQ, PPQ, Magatia (R&JPQ), Dojo. Exp for the completion of these quests has been boosted.

    Voting: You can vote twice a day for +1 vote point each time. Vote points can be spent on NX, Elite Coin or Castela Points (find out more below)

    All v83 bosses are working!

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    • Channels: 1 to 4
    • Base Experience:
      • 1-10: x1
      • 10-70: x5
      • 71-120: x4
      • 121-200: x3
      • 201-250: x2
    • Meso: x2
    • Drop: x2
    • Bonus exp in party (per member): +5%
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Elite Channel (small).png Views:	0 Size:	6.5 KB ID:	66
    • Channel: 6-7
    • Experience: x10 base exp
    • Mob HP boost: x18
    • Meso: x3
    • Drop: x2
    NX drop: 100 and 250 NX coupons are dropped by all mobs. Everyone in the party will receive the coupons in their inventory, which can be traded in when you visit the Castela Market Gachapon. NX coupons drop more regularly based on the level of the mob.

    Party benefits:
    • Experience is shared evenly between all party members, making party play hugely efficient.
    • For every person in your party, you'll receive 10% boost in experience
    Newbie Elite Channel
    • Channel: 5
    • Experience: x4
    • Mob HP boost: x2
    Our Newbie Elite Channel helps our new starters get to 4th job faster, particularly if you're in the process of making new friends with the more established players.

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    Anti-AFK system: We don't like the "S> leeching" dynamic of many servers, as it doesn't encourage players to work together. After 30 seconds of not moving, you'll no longer receive experience.

    Boss Orbs: Castela is all about team progression. You'll be encouraged to work through boss content together, and be rewarded with Boss Orbs. These Orbs will provide you with bonus stats, which will help enable you to move forward and progress to the next boss. You'll find the summary of your Orb bonuses in the Codex - which sits where your belt is.

    Mob drops: In addition to regular items, mobs drop Gachapon tickets, Megaphones, White and Chaos Scrolls. You can use @whodrops to find specific mob drops.

    No HP washing required: We've implemented Luxury Potions, which give you between 250 permanent HP.

    Revised hunting grounds: As Castela is based around parties, we've increased the exp and level of many mobs around the Maple world. You'll find a summary here.

    Scroll hunting areas: To make the scrolling hunting process more efficient, we've created class hunting areas throughout the Maple World! You'll find a summary here.

    Castela Points: You'll earn these points in PQs (1k Castela Point per PQ) and Bossing Expeditions (2k Points for Papulatus, 3k Points for Scarga, 6k Points for Zakum and 12k Points for HT). These points can be used to buy Luxury Potions, crafting manuals, item VAC and more!

    Level-up rewards: Every 20 levels (from level 10 onwards), you'll receive a reward! These range from NX items to consumerable items. These rewards will not give you an unfair advantage over others, but instead reward you for your hardwork.

    Donor Medals: Relive the days of old where you battle for Lith Harbour and Sleepywood Donator Medals!

    Rings are scrollable: Even though you can't see slots, you can use accessory & Chaos Scrolls 3 times on rings. You can also craft new ones in Maker!

    Custom Medals: Castela is big on community. We don't just talk about it though, we actually recognise the players that go the extra mile. If you find us a hacker, we'll reward you with a Hacker Hunter medal. If you type up an epic guide, we'll reward you with a Castela Guide Contributor medal. And if you help recruit players to the server, we'll reward you with a Elite Castela Recruiter medal! These medals give you great bonus stats and are definitely something to show off! You'll find out more here.

    New event! Castela Scavenger Hunt: Solve the clue to find a map hidden away in the Maple world for 10k Castela Points. You'll see a new event being launched in the #events tab in Discord.

    New event! Russian Roulette: Our developer has designed a special roulette-style event map - completely unique to Castela. Our GM team will be regularly hosting quick-fire events, so keep an eye out for our notices!

    In-game commands:
    • @help; @time; @uptime; @dispose; @rates; @gm; @joinevent; @leaveevent; @ranks; @str; @luk; @dex; @int; @enablepic; @mobhp; @whodrops
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    Item crafting: We place a lot of emphasis on the use of the Maker skill, so we'd strongly recommend you get it from level 50 to make the most of your character. We also have some custom items added:
    • Rings, shoulders and belts can all be crafted from level 50 onwards!
    • ITCG items (Facestompers, Storm caster gloves etc) can all be crafted.
    • We've introduced Commerci weapons (level 150) as Maker items as well - requiring you to hunt items throughout the Maple world.
    Mob Gachapon: Like the standard Gachapon in GMS, however tickets drop from Global mobs at a low rate. We've removed a bunch of the rubbish items (ore, potions etc), you can find the full list of rewards here.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	donor perks.png Views:	0 Size:	6.6 KB ID:	70
    Castela is not a pay-to-win (P2W) server.

    You will not receive any advantage from a donation that can't be enjoyed through Cash Shop purchases (reminder that you receive NX from voting and hunting in the Elite Channel).

    However, donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated and will be used towards maintaining the server - ensuring it runs efficiently and new content is produced.

    What you can buy with DP:
    • Random chair boxes: Gives you a chance to receive limited edition chairs
    • Style coupon: For unique hair styles and cosmetics beyond v83
    • NX Gear: From later versions of MS
    To donate, please visit our website.

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    Blessing of the Fairy: This skill has been disabled. Instead, you'll be able to hunt Blessing Scrolls, which drop from Elite Channel mini-bosses.

    Full changes can be found on the Discord channel and in this thread:

    Party abilities have been changed to vastly improve your experience fighting on our Elite Channel and boss raids. Jobs that didn't typically have a party skill now have something to offer as well, such as Pages and Outlaws!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Party skill changes.JPG Views:	11 Size:	100.2 KB ID:	294