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[Update 6.0] The big re-launch

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    [Update 6.0] The big re-launch

    Hi everyone,

    Here's the latest updates with this big patch.

    Re-launch date:
    Friday 9 October

    New Castela Market map:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Castela Market2.JPG Views:	5 Size:	102.1 KB ID:	393

    Voting and rewards
    • Added multi-vote to the website. Players can vote once per day on their computer and once on their mobile.
    • Each vote will provide players with 2,000 NX Cash.
    • Additionally, they'll receive x1 vote point, which can be spent on either:
      • Additional 2k NX
      • 50 Elite Coins
      • 500 Castela Points
    Wings added
    Click image for larger version  Name:	QqcdHR6bPX.gif Views:	12 Size:	3.69 MB ID:	396
    Other key changes
    • Elite Coin are now shared between party members, meaning it's no longer a solo activity.
    • Vote Point NPC added to Castela Market.
    • New items added to Ashura:
      • Clean Slate Scrolls
      • Mounts + saddle
      • FULL AP reset
    • New items added to Inkwell:
      • White Scroll
      • Chaos Scroll
      • Boss summoning items
    • Wheels of Destiny increased to 2k NX.
    • ITCG items have been added to Maker.
    • Mob HP bars have been corrected - they'll now be accurate on Elite Channel!
    Elite Channel mini-boss
    Every time 10k mobs are killed in a single map, the Elite Channel mini-boss will spawn. Beware - this guy is strong, but will drop some VERY good items (blessing of the fairy upgrades).

    Some things to know about him:
    • He only lasts 30 minutes, so summon as many people as possible to take him down.
    • His HP ranges in the millions!
    • Share the loot!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Elite Channel mini.JPG Views:	0 Size:	46.1 KB ID:	400
    Skill changes

    As promised, I've gone back through every class to re-test skills, damage output and grinding speed. This time round, I also have the benefit of knowing which classes really do work well on Elite Channel, versus those that struggle. The main thing that I wanted to avoid was any nerfs, as I feel that all classes can do enough damage in the right circumstance, but buffs needed to be made to certain skills.

    Based on that, we're putting the following changes into place:

    Warriors - this job didn't really need changing. They already excel in most areas of Castela, in particular I've found due to Stance. So for the Warriors out there, you've already got a good deal.

    Archers - BM I've found is still a versatile class. With the change made to Arrow Rain, it's mobbing ability is surprising good and I didn't want to change that. There have been some changes to MM to increase it's viability.

    • Strafe: Now shoots 5 arrows at level 11, 6 arrows at level 21, reduced damage to 110%.
    • Piercing Arrow: Increased damage to 1100%. Originally, we were looking to increase mobs hit to 8, however we've had some client related issues with that, so keeping it at 6 to avoid any bugs.
    Thieves - no changes made to NLs as they seem to be working quite well from a damage output perspective, both mobbing and grinding. Re-testing Shadowers has shown there are issues with boss fights, particularly when being knocked around.

    • Assassinate: Increased damage to 1000% at level 30, now charges when in Dark Sight.
    Magician - the key issue I've found with Mages is their lack of use on Elite Channel. To be fair, this stems from the fact that Meteor/Genesis/Blizzard can only be fully utilised when it 1/2 hit kills a mob, otherwise the MP cost doesn't justify it's use. I've tried to be a bit creative with approaching the class, because it's not a simple fix of 'increasing damage' because the class absolutely owns in grinding still.

    Bishop (UPDATED 9/10/20- we ran into some bugs with the original Angel Ray changes, so have reverted the skill back to single mob and increased the damage, and buffed a number of other skills)
    • Blessing: Increased stat gain by triple (+90 acc/avoid). I've heard you that fighting bosses is difficult for Archers/Sair, this will be a helpful boost to dodge attacks and make Bishop a more appealling pick in boss expeditions.
    • Resurrection: Reduced CD to 2 minutes at level 10. Really making this class useful during boss fights.
    • Genesis: Increased damage to 750, reduce MP to 1,000 at all levels.
    • Bahamut: Now hits 6 mobs, applies damage over time (DoT), increased damage to 430.
    • Shining Ray: Increased damage to 150 (from 135)
    • Angel Ray: Hits x1 mob x3 times - damage set to 320.
    F/P Mage:
    • Meteor Shower: Reduced MP to 1,000 at all levels.
    • Fire Demon: Now applies DoT correctly.
    I/L Mage:
    • Ifrit: Applies DoT.
    • Chain Lightning: Increased damage to 170.
    • Blizzard: Reduced MP to 1,000 at all levels.
    Pirates - more work to do in order to buff the strength of this class. While we can't take away some of the nuances that some find annoying, the changes made here bring both Bucc and Corsair more in line with other classes in the game.

    • Dragon Strike: Increased damage by 200% to 1100%.
    • Barrage: Removed the reduced delay change (made them impervious to damage), instead increased damage to 415%.
    • Demolition: Increased damage to 490%. When used together with Barrage, you'll find your boss fighting power a lot stronger than before (even with no delay on Barrage)
    • Energy Orb: Increased damage to 450%.
    • Flamethrower: Increased damage to 280%, hits 8 mobs.
    • Battleship Torpedo: Decreased damage to 600%, but it hits twice now (so overall damage has increased). Makes the class benefit more from being in a party with Sharp Eyes.
    • Battleship Cannon: Increased damage to 440%. Increased this to take into account Corsairs get knocked around a lot.
    • Rapid Fire: Increased damage to 210%.