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[Update 5.0] Party Quests and bug fixes

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    [Update 5.0] Party Quests and bug fixes

    Hey y'all!

    It's been a pretty busy 3 weeks since the last update went live - it's been awesome to see the new players with their 'Welcome to Castela' medals running around Victoria Island.

    With this patch, our goal was to fix up a few issues that have been raised, and to bridge the gap between the mid-level players and higher-levels. We discussed a few different alternatives to this, but settled on a progressive re-vamp of Party Quests. Your main man Google has been leading the charge with this.

    We're addressing PQ's in 3 key ways:
    1. Increasing the difficulty by making mobs and bosses harder to kill (they also hit A LOT harder, so having a DK in your party is a big plus). The level requirements for these PQs has increased dramatically as well.
    2. Improved the experience gained from mobs/bosses, as well as experience gained at each completed stage.
    3. Improved rewards that are actually worth the time and effort put into it.
    So... let's get into it!

    Kerning Party Quest:
    • It will now be level 70+
    • Ligator, Jr Necki's & Curse Eyes now give 1,750+ exp per kill and have over 35k HP
    • King Slime will now give 90k exp and has 1.5mil HP and will no longer drop Slime Shoes.
    • Completing KPQ 20 times will now give the Slime Shoes, offering random stats of:
      • 1-3 W.A / M.A
      • 3-7 all stats
      • 20 avoid/acc
    • Lastly, you'll receive x1 basic crafting item (diamond, luk, dex, power, wisdom, black) on completing the PQ.
    Ludibrium Party Quest:
    • It will now be level 90+
    • Vastly increased the strength of these mobs. It's strongly recommended you have a DK with you if you're a ranged class.
    • Alishar now gives a whopping 450k exp & has 5mil HP, but hits hard.
    • Complete LPQ the standard 35 times and you'll be able to get Broken Glasses, offering the following stats:
      • 3 W.A / 10 M.A
      • 3 all stats
      • 20 avoid/acc
    • Lastly, you'll receive x1 basic crafting item (diamond, luk, dex, power, wisdom, black) on completing the PQ.
    More changes will be coming to PPQ, EPQ and R&JPQ in the future.

    Maker Skill change
    • We know it was a pain point for quite some time, so Sagsone went away and figured out a way to add it. When you use the Maker Skill to strengthen a crystal/gem, there's a 3% chance it will skip a level (from Basic to Intermediate). Get crafting and let us know how you find it!
    Scarlion & Targa changes
    • We've added in new Orbs for these bosses (5 Orbs each, +2 stats, +1 w.a.).
    • We've also made some changes to the HP/Exp tables of these bosses:
    Current HP Current Exp New HP New Exp
    Scarlion/Targa 1 60m 268,800 100m 1,000,000
    Scarlion/Targa 2 90m 403,200 150m 1,500,000
    Scarlion/Targa 3 150m 1,344,000 250m 3,000,000
    TOTAL 300m 2,016,000 500m 5,500,000

    Skill changes - Zerkatos and I have had a look at certain classes and have made a series of changes. We still want to work a bit more on DoTs, there's some underlying issues which we want to resolve. Mages + Corsair will benefit a lot from the adjustments, which we hope to rollout shortly.
    • I/L Arch Mage
      • Ice Demon: Now damages 6 mobs (previously would only damage 3 or less)
    • F/P Arch Mage
      • Fire Demon: No longer 'freezes'
    • Bishop
      • Angel Ray: Now hits 3 mobs (x3 hits still), damage reduced to 285
      • Bahamut: Hits 6 mobs
    • Dark Knight
      • Dragon Fury: Reduced mobs hit to 6 (from 8)
    • Paladin
      • Heaven's Hammer: Increased damage to 1500%
    • Marksman
      • Strafe: Increased damage to 125%
    • Shadower
      • Boomerang Step: Increased damage marginally to 530%
      • Band of Thieves: Increased damage marginally to 275%
      • Meso Explosion: Increased range
    • Buccaneer
      • Demolition: Reduced delay slightly
    • Corsair
      • Elemental Boost: DoT damage boost has been fixed
      • Flamethrower: Increased damage to 230%
      • Battleship Cannon: Increased damage to 420%
    Bug fixes
    • Players can now use /find on donors
    • Brawler skill MP recovery now works
    • DoT now works on Oblivion mobs in ToT
    • Grim Phantom Watches & Coolie Zombies drop Black Book
    • R&JPQ won't crash in Stage 3
    • HT mass seduce starts when it hits 25% HP
    • Luxury Potions no longer drop from bosses
    • Hero's Will works on HT seduce
    • Elza updated with new NX items
    • Chair options in the donor Chair Box have been updated (use @chairlist to see)
    • New Castela Tips (thanks Raija for the suggestion)
    • HT / Scarlion / Targa Orbs added
    • Fire Demon no longer freezes mobs
    That's all for now! Surprised you made it to the bottom, nice to see you here