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[Update 4.0] NX is back baby

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    [Update 4.0] NX is back baby

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for your patience while we've fixed the NX gain issue. For those that are new to the server or have been away, Castela has a unique system where you gain NX on kills when farming on the Elite Channels. Players identified that they were lagging intensely over the last few weeks when playing on the Elite Channel, which we since found was based on this old NX model.

    The Devs have gone away and created a new NX system, without the lag!
    • How it works: Mobs will randomly drop 100 NX and 250 NX Coupons. When a player picks a Coupon up, all members in the party will receive the Coupon in their ETC inventory. Players will need to have two slots available in their inventory to collect the Coupons.
    • How do you get the NX: Players will need to travel to the Castela Market and talk to the Gachapon to exchange their tickets for NX, which will then be credited to their account.
    • What's the drop rate: The drop rate is dynamic. The higher the mob level and the higher your level, the more likely the Coupons will drop.
    • Does this mean we're changing Elite Coin to follow the same principle: No, but we will monitor and see how successful this new system is before considering to change Elite Coins.
    Once we roll it out, let us know how you find it!

    Introducing the 'Welcome to Castela' box

    This has been in the works for a few weeks now, and we're in a position where we're ready to roll it out!

    The purpose of this pack is to give new players a bit of a boost when starting. The benefits focus on QoL and to help them ease into Castela and enjoying the features we have. If you have friends or know of anyone looking to try out Castela, let them know about the pack. Remember, we also have the Recruiter Medal for those that bring in multiple new players

    What's in the pack
    • New to Castela medal: +10 speed
    • Temporary item vac (1 hour duration). This will help players with the initial quests.
    • Meso Magnet and Item Pouch: Help get players part of the way to having a pet. Again, important for those early quests.
    • Aura Ring (only 1): A small stat boost
    • Permanent Mushroom Elf Store: To help you earn some extra money!

    Gameplay changes:
    • [Fixed] - Weddings timer issues.
    • [Fixed] - Exploit that happen with Weddings NPC's.
    • [Changed] - Item vac is storable in cash shop from lv 30+
    • [Added] - NX ticket Drop to Elite Channel mobs (The level of you and the mob is a factor) (Shared between party).
    • [Added] - Invite message upon party send.
    • [Changed] - increased *Zakum / Horntail / Pink Bean / Scarga* expedition limit from 2 times -> 3 times per 24 hours.
    • [Changed] - increased Horntail mainbody timer from 1 hour -> 2 hours.
    • [Fixed] - Item vac is now functioning as it should.
    • [Removed] - Lottery NPC Lena and 10% Scroll Gachapon.
    WZ file updates:
    Item.wz changes
    • Added Piece of Time item filter
    • Added Maple Item Box item filter
    • All cure potion stacks up to 500
    Skill.wz changes
    • Assassinate damage increased from 600% to 675%
    • Duration of party skills are increased to 300 seconds: [Rage, Fortitude, Bless, Meditation, Haste, Meso Up]
    String.wz changes
    • Amended Paralyze skill description
    • Amended Assassinate as part of skill change
    • Amended NX Coupons and description on where to trade it in
    • Added Welcome Pack and description