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    [Update 3.0] The latest

    Hey y'all,

    Yet another eventful day as always on Castela. As most of you are likely aware, we've had some new attacks on the server - but the approach has changed now to attacking the integrity of the server. Myself and the other staff want to reassure our players and those lurking in the Discord that the staff are fully dedicated to Castela and our community. Continuing to address the rumours doesn't serve us any purpose - the perpetrators aren't interested in what we say in response, and it ultimately takes us away from what our priority is: growing and developing the server.

    And it's fair to say we've come along way since we launched on 23 May. The initial attackers said we wouldn't last 3 days, there would be wipes, the market would be destroyed. But we are still here, thanks to you guys and gals and the resilence you've shown. We want to reinforce that while this server is a hobby for most of us, we'll continue to be focused on making it fit for you and new players to come. We aren't interested in what other servers are doing nor will you see us interacting with other servers or their staff, because our focus is here. It's a shame that some others in the MSPS community don't share the same sentiment and look for the opportunity to ruin the experience of others, particularly the players, but that is life.

    So really, we are here to say thank you to you all.

    We know there's a few issues in the current patch which we're getting looked into, particularly the issue with party DC's. I'd also like to let you guys know of a few more changes we're bringing out shortly:
    • We've got some plans for a fun weekend ahead! Keep an eye on #announcements and #events!
    • We'll create a 'New to Castela' welcome pack for players that start. The pack will hold a number of key items that players can get themselves going with and will help our established players notice when there is a new player. We are still in the process of finalising this.
    • I'll start handing out medals shortly and recognising the amazing effort that you've shown towards the community! More medals will be coming in the future as means of recognitions.
    • We potentially have quite a cool fix for CWKPQ which will give you a bit more variety when bossing. More information to come soon.
    Let us know what you think! And thanks again for your continued support, y'all are awesome.

    Castela staff