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    Rules and regulations

    Hi everyone,

    These rules are final, so behave yourself.

    Illegal Activities - Attempting to disrupt, alter or otherwise tamper with any server or connection associated with the game, including denial of service attacks is prohibited. We consider all of you adults with the capacity to make your own decisions, so please use your common sense when using our services.

    Real-World Trading - Exploiting the software or the game for any sort of commercial purpose, including buying or selling items, mesos, or services for real-world currency, or additionally, any and all solicitation, advertisement or other promotion of the aforementioned is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

    Advertisement - Advertising as well as mentioning of other MapleStory private servers, Discord servers, social media platforms or any other networks (regardless of whether or not you own the account) and any cause that you stand to benefit from is strictly forbidden.

    Solicitation - Advertising or soliciting any sort of commercial opportunities of any nature, including chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities or commercial advertising, or additionally providing access to any location that does the above is prohibited.

    Chargeback Fraud - When donating to Castela, we assume that you are using your credit card or Paypal account. The use of another person's property without their permission is considered fraud. Your game account will be auto-banned if we receive a chargeback claim regarding a payment related to your account. Additionally, you understand that you choose to donate to show your support and dedication to our server.

    Game Hacking - Using or benefiting from any third-party program, macro program or otherwise corrupting or modifying any part of the game software to gain any sort of advantage over other players, or otherwise selling, advertising, distributing or posting information related to the act will result being permanently banned from the game.

    Packet Editing - Scripting, altering, macroing, or otherwise monitoring actions of the game, including "packet sniffing" for any purpose will result in a permanent ban.

    Duping - Exploiting any sort of glitch, unintended feature, flaw in game design, or using third party programs, with the intent to duplicate items or mesos, including knowingly possessing or requesting illegitimate items or mesos is forbidden. If you accidentally duplicate any items, please contact a member of the Castela staff immediately.

    Botting - The use of third party software and/or paperweights to gain an abnormal advantage over others is prohibited. This includes engaging in robotic or automatic play which allows any character you own to function autonomously or affect any portion of the game without your presence. Castela staff members reserve the right to test you if you appear to be botting.

    Glitch Abuse - Exploiting any errors in game design or any features or bugs, documented or otherwise, that are not meant to be available in order to gain any sort of competitive advantage is prohibited. Please contact the server staff promptly if you believe to have found a glitch.

    Vote Abuse - Attempting to bypass the restrictions of voting no more than twice per 24 hours as a person regardless of how many accounts you own will result in a temporary ban.

    Ban Evasion - Evading a ban is prohibited. If you have received a ban and attempting to bypass your punishment, it will simply lead to even more severe punishment. We kindly ask that you serve the duration of your ban, and learn from your past mistakes.

    Account Sharing - Account sharing is allowed but you as an account owner are responsible for your game account. If you are caught using third party programs, game abusing or any other activities that are violating the server rules, you'll either receive a temporary or permanent ban regardless of who performed the acts. We staff are not responsible for goods that have been stolen or went missing while the account is being shared.

    Harassment - Engaging in any sort of rude, harassing, vulgar, hateful, threatening or abusive discourse with another player is not tolerated. This includes but not limited to persistent flaming, mass defamation, trolling or disruption of another player. Publicly accusing another player of an offense, regardless of its legitimacy, will also be considered as harassment. Instead, please report it to the staff with proper evidence. Depending on the incident, the punishment for harassing another user is left to the discretion of the staff.

    Staff Impersonation - Expressing, implying, or otherwise stating that you or your actions are endorsed by Castela staff, that you are a part of our staff team when you are not, claiming privileges or rights by association to staff, or misleading players to believe any of the above is strictly forbidden.

    Scamming - Scamming, or any attempts to scam others will result in punishment. For example, agreeing to trade items for another and then deceiving the player by putting up different items would be deemed scamming. Players are encouraged to record transactions and if proper evidence is provided of a scam or a treacherous transaction, the staff team will do their best to restore the victim's side of the transaction if possible.

    False Reporting - Providing or creating false reports to a staff member is prohibited. This occurs when a player attempts to report another player for abuse in a manner that uses deception to get one banned. All information provided must be true and must be provided to the fullest extent when reporting to a staff member. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban.

    Discord/Forum Etiquette - When using the Castela Discord or forum, please follow the general rules of etiquette. Treat all players and staff members with respect. Please keep your drama out. Please only use english in all Castela services. However, you are free to talk in any other language in private. Please do not spam or bump your posts needlessly often. Please do not leave completely off-topic, negative or irrelevant responses towards other players whether it be on your post or someone else's. Please refrain from spreading false information. Depending on the severity of the misuse, punishments may vary and fall anywhere from receiving warnings, being muted, having your posts removed or being banned from the Discord or forum.