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Castela's Halloween event

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    Castela's Halloween event

    Castela just got a bunch spookier!

    Halloween: Part 1

    It's Trick or Treat Season - hope y'all have a sweet tooth.

    Throughout the Maple World, mobs will be dropping Halloween Candies.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	aK4O9UNotk.gif Views:	163 Size:	260.1 KB ID:	632

    Collect these in your ETC tab and donate them to Witch Malady in the Castela Market to increase GLOBAL DROP RATES - this includes boss drop rates!

    The candies will be dropping regularly from mobs - the more everyone donates, the higher the drop rate will be, so start collecting and donating.

    Halloween: Part 2

    The evil MV boss has invaded Victoria Island and our friend Olivia from the Haunted Mansion needs your help to stop him!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Gnp6ERzUyW.gif Views:	2 Size:	2.45 MB ID:	627

    Every 4 hours, MV will spawn in his lair in Sleepywood on Channel 1. Everyone will get a notice when this happens, you'll see the server message.

    Team up together and take him on by going to channel 1 and typing @halloween - if you manage to beat him, everyone will receive 50 Dark Tokens and a Halloween Treat! Make sure you have room in your USE and ETC inventory or you won't receive it!

    Olivia will be in the Castela Market and will offer you a reward for turning in your Dark Tokens, including:
    • Zombie Ring: +5 all stats, +1 w.a / +1 m.a
    • Zombie Hunter Mask: +2 all stats, +1 w.a / +1 m.a
    • Witch's Deep Purple Belt: +1 w.a / +1 m.a
    • Many chairs to choose from!
    Click image for larger version  Name:	olivia.JPG Views:	2 Size:	11.4 KB ID:	628

    Q: When does MV spawn?

    A: Every 4 hours from when he's beaten.

    Q: How will I know if he's spawned?
    A: There will be a server message in the chat section.

    Q: How do I reach him?
    A: Go to channel 1 and type @halloween.

    Q: What rewards will I receive for defeating him?
    A: 50 Dark Tokens in your ETC inventory and a Halloween Treat in your USE inventory. You must use the Treat before you kill MV again, you cannot have two in your inventory.

    Q: Oops! I didn't have room in my inventory to receive this.
    A: That's a shame - we aren't refunding the rewards. Please be more careful next time.