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Castela autumn event

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    Castela autumn event

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    It's autumn time in Castela at the moment, meaning there's less and less sunshine to keep our Maple Tree alive and thriving.

    We need your help to provide it with sunshine!

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    All mobs in Castela are dropping Sunshine (they'll sit in your ETC tab). Collect as many as you can before taking them to the Maple Tree on Maple Hill.

    When 50,000 Sunshines are donated, the tree would have received all the Sun it needs to thrive! Aramia will give you a Golden Maple Leaf as thanks, as long as you've delivered a minimum of 1,000 Sunshines to the tree before it hits the 50k.

    Don't worry if you aren't online when the tree hits 50k - Aramia will hang onto it for you (but make sure you clear it regularly, as it won't store multiple completions).

    How do you get to the tree?
    • Talk to the NPC Cody, who's in most towns.
    What rewards do you get with a Golden Maple Leaf?
    • Delicious popsicles
    • Ciders
    • Maple item boxes
    Who do you talk to trade in your Golden Maple Leaf
    • Aramia
    How many Sunshines do you need to receive a reward?
    • 1,000 Sunshines must be donated at one time.
    How long will this event last?
    • We'll let you know when it's finishing up.