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    Castela Scavenger Hunt

    Hey everyone!

    The devs are bringing out a new, unique event for the server - the Castela Scavenger Hunt!

    This is your chance to earn 10k Castela Points - all you need to do is solve the riddle and find the map by typing @iamhere. Simple right? Keep in mind, there are hundreds of maps in Maple, so figuring out the clue is key!

    How does it work:
    • In the #events tab in Discord, we'll announce the imminent start of a Scavenger Hunt.
    • We'll note down how many maps will be in the treasure hunt and what Maple continent it will be on.
    • To help you find the right map, we'll give you some clues! These could be pictures, descriptions or riddles.
    • You'll need to travel around and find the map. To figure out if you're in the right map, you'll need to type @iamhere in the map you suspect is in the treasure hunt. If you've got the right one, you'll get a message announcing yourself as a winner! Only 1 winner per map. There are no limits to the number of maps you can type @iamhere in.
    • If you're a winner, you don't need to stop there: players can find as many maps as they can... so the competition is on!
    • There is no time limit, the event will end once all maps have been found.
    What will you get for playing?
    • For the winners: you'll receive 10k Castela Points (and yes, it's added in lol) - essentially 2 Luxury Potions per map!
    • Everyone who participates will receive 3k NX free, regardless of whether you find the correct map or not, so long as you're participating.
    If you have any questions, let one of the staff know! First Treasure Hunt will be starting soon, so keep an eye on the Discord.

    Castela team