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Fruitcake’s Universal Equipment Guide

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    Fruitcake’s Universal Equipment Guide

    Are you wondering why you have all your boss orbs but you're still not doing damage??? or how to progress your items to endgame? Confused on which ones to get? Well I've just compiled all of them here in a decently easy to read list

    Helm - Pirate pq hat

    Medal - donation medal/lvl 200

    Face - halloween mask (event) / tree branch nose for mages

    Eye - Ludi PQ glasses

    Earring - EPQ earrings for att / crystal leaf earrings for mages

    Cape - pac/pgc/blackfist cloak for att / purple adv/gaia cape for mages

    Shirt - just maker a lvl 100 one with stim + adv (main stat) + adv dark

    Pants - just maker a lvl 100 one with stim + adv (main stat) + adv dark

    Overall - just maker a lvl 100 one with stim + adv (main stat) + adv dark

    Gloves - BWG/yellow marker/ flamekeeper for mages

    Belt - rising sun belt (witch belt is alternative but has no stats)

    Shoes - Slime shoes

    Rings - Mighty Rings from maker / halloween ring+lilins for mage

    Pendant/Shoulder - MoN + highest shoulder for your class / Egged HTP for mages

    Shield - timeless shield for your class (honestly just scroll a maple one)


    Make a commerci weapon of your choice

    If you're a mage try to switch from your Ele wand to ele staff (as long as you have no base luk)

    If you're a bishop just get doomsday staff

    How to scroll your items?

    Chaos everything that has weapon att except your glove/weapon/shield(for items like shirts/pants just scroll for stats)

    If you're a mage just scroll all your gear with int or matt. If you want to be efficient make sure your items have both int/matt and chaos them. EX) cape int 100% on purple adv cape, then chaos or glove for matt on flamekeeper, then chaos

    If you think im missing an item that you think deserves to be up here as a best in slot leave a comment also if you happen to see IGN: Primo please fame they are a nice man